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Re: a new noise

Hairy green toads from Mars made Stefan H. Malter say:

> hi everyone
> i am the usually proud/frustrated owner of an 87 5000cstq
> last week after completing my latest round of modifications on the brakes
> and suspension(brembo xdrilled, bilsteins x 4, and H&R x 4) i began to
> hear a metallic rattle from the front right region on cold starts which
> gets progressively louder on acceleration and which diminishes after a few
> minutes

I've seen this be the heat shield on the exhaust downpipe where it
makes the 90-degree turn to go back under the chassis. When the pipes
get warm enough, they expand and the shield isn't loose any more.

Poke around under there with a small hammer or big screwdriver to
see if you can rattle anything that sounds familiar.


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