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Re: black box

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From: geo <gamills@ns.sympatico.ca>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Sunday, April 19, 1998 9:25 PM
Subject: black box

>Whilst checking out some schtuff in front of the rad of the 5kq I
>found said subject in a discrete position.  About 4x4x1.5 inches.
>No markings on it but after prying the front and back off, it
>looks like a ra...errr...detector.  Just strapped onto the
>plastic housing donchano.  Followed the wire into the cockpit and
>found the display unit was not there, wires cut right off.
>Le question.  Not knowing too much about these, should I try to
>make this baby work or will I wind up in big trouble living here
>in Canada and all (where I understand they are illegal).  There
>are four wires, no doubt one is power, another ground, one for a
>light thingy and one for a noise thingy.  Since these cars are
>made to go fast, I thought perhaps I might need a little added
>protection, even though I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
>Anyone got one of these?  I know the description is a little
>ambiguous but if you mail me I can give you some more details.
>Any thoughts appreciated.

Hi Geo;

    Sounds like you have "found" an older model of these once-popular money
saving devices. If re-activated, it will probably scream "I'm here, I'm
here" to a VG-2 detector detector. Since the VG-2 units are still in use in
Canada to track down the criminals using these illegal devices, I wouldn't
recommend re-activating your antique. A nice V-1 might be a different story,
    Rumour has it that once found, these infernal devices are supposed to be
destroyed in front of your eyes by the duly constitued authorities,
presumably by stomping on them. Since yours is built in, how would they do
this? A foot through the grill, perhaps? Or maybe they would remove it -
ahh, officer, while you are in there would you mind installing these clamps
around the intercooler? Ah, yes, endless possibilities.
    Seriously, though, I have known several people who have had ugly
experiences. One, a substantial upper middle class gentleman, was picked up
on VG-2 in Quebec. He tried to hide the detector by shoving it down his
pants - can't do a personal search, right?. The QPP officers happily punched
the cr*p out of him till he turned it over. A shaken but wiser man, he
decided to take his chance on tickets in the future.
    Another left his detector on the dash and activated while he popped in
for a quick Tim Horton's. The OPP pulled in beside his car. The OPP had his
radar on. Buddy's detector does what it was designed to do. Flashing lights
and noise catches officer's attention. Darned expensive doughnut!
    A third was cruising down the 401 at 150 kph in the radar shadow
conveniently provided by a resident of the aforementioned province. He had
his money saving device activated for good measure. Lights, siren! The OPP
had the VG-2 on, not the radar. The radar shadow got away clean. My buddy
lost his detector plus a substantial fine (around $200 as he recalls). The
only bright spot was they didn't know how fast he was going, so he figures
it still saved him money.
    The lesson is: don't get caught with a detector!

'91 200q  250k km
no detector (honest!)