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Re: Can't get service manual for A4

   Since most of you are experienced Audi owners, I'm hoping you can help me
   with my plight.

   I got my new A4 about a month ago and have learned that there is no service
   manual available for it.  Supposedly, Audi(or more correctly, Robert
   Bently) doesn't publish a service manual for 2 to 3 years after the car is
   available.  Does this mean that after 3 years the manual for the 96 A4 will
   be available or will it cover 96-98?  Audi didn't seem to know but Robert
   Bently said a manual should be available towards the end of the summer.

   WTF?  This is a real pain in the ass as I'd like to do a few things to the
   car.  There reasoning is that the car is under warranty.  Audi is the first
   company I've heard of who does this.  My father bought a Ford Expedition
   and had the manual a couple of months after buying it.  This for a first
   year of production vehicle.  Same goes for the Sentra SE-R I owned previous
   to the A4.

   The only thing I can do is to go to the dealer and photocopy pages from
   their manuals.  My salesman said he might be able to get me some time to
   copy their CDROM(which would be very cool) but this doesn't seem likely.

   Any advice?  TIA.

Yeah, I went through the same basic thing.

<TrenchantFourLetterAngloSaxonism deleted>

My only thought was to beg/borrow/steal/buy "The Fiche" (didn't know about
any CDROM!) and print up copies. Anyone interested in a group buy/print
project? (Anyone ever done such a thing before -- any idea what the cost
would run?)