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Re: Can't get service manual for A4

Just wait till you see what they cost. No, really, all you can get for this car
right now is the service bulletins on cd-rom from www.alldata.com. I haven't found
anything else, I'm looking for something on a 96 A4 we just bought.


Robert Houk - SMCC WorkGroup Server Firmware wrote:

>    Since most of you are experienced Audi owners, I'm hoping you can help me
>    with my plight.
>    I got my new A4 about a month ago and have learned that there is no service
>    manual available for it.  Supposedly, Audi(or more correctly, Robert
>    Bently) doesn't publish a service manual for 2 to 3 years after the car is
>    available.  Does this mean that after 3 years the manual for the 96 A4 will
>    be available or will it cover 96-98?  Audi didn't seem to know but Robert
>    Bently said a manual should be available towards the end of the summer.
>    WTF?  This is a real pain in the ass as I'd like to do a few things to the
>    car.  There reasoning is that the car is under warranty.  Audi is the first
>    company I've heard of who does this.  My father bought a Ford Expedition
>    and had the manual a couple of months after buying it.  This for a first
>    year of production vehicle.  Same goes for the Sentra SE-R I owned previous
>    to the A4.
>    The only thing I can do is to go to the dealer and photocopy pages from
>    their manuals.  My salesman said he might be able to get me some time to
>    copy their CDROM(which would be very cool) but this doesn't seem likely.
>    Any advice?  TIA.
> Yeah, I went through the same basic thing.
> <TrenchantFourLetterAngloSaxonism deleted>
> My only thought was to beg/borrow/steal/buy "The Fiche" (didn't know about
> any CDROM!) and print up copies. Anyone interested in a group buy/print
> project? (Anyone ever done such a thing before -- any idea what the cost
> would run?)
>                                         -RDH