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RE: Trans failure decision

Hi Steve,
	On Monday, April 20, 1998 7:49 AM, you said,

	> look for  a non quattro, 5spd Turbo. I'll

I didn't know this when I bought mine 3 months ago, but 5 speed FWD's
are kinda rare.  Does anyone have import #'s on turbo 5 speeds (86 and

	>What's a good going price for a 5sp, 5kcsT? I saw one in the
Buy lines a
	>year ago, 60k miles, $2,995. Tornado Red

I bought mine for $2,000.  20+ Q-lister's saw it at the Quatto club meet
here Saturday in LA.  It wasn't the nicest by far; however, I was
encouraged by all the comments about price vs. condition.  I would think
$2,000 - $2,500 is possible, assuming you can find one.

	>How good are the transmissions? Under boost?

	There is the torque-oversteer thing.  You are probably familar
with this phenomenon already.  My tranny has 194km and is damn near
perfect.  No arguements whilst going into any gear.
	>What is the going price for doing a clutch job on it? Can a
good stock
	>clutch hold up under 2.0 bar?

I will check on prices.  BTW, my clutch was updated to the later model
clutch.  Real easy and smooth.

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> 1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   194,000 miles (and counting...)
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