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Re: Dash Display - Check Systems -'95 90S

Mark Byrum wrote:

> etc., ultimately conforming things are "OK".  Recently purchased '95 90S
> which shows same/similar display box in center of dash and check system
> feature allegations in owners manual.  Four buttons on dash, furtherest
> one on the right almost flush with the glass/plastic.  Is display
> supposed to go through the same song & dance as the one on my '90 100?

As far as I know, the 93-95 90s did not have the whizzy auto check
system found in the 100s. The "display box" just houses four regular
idiot lights, for oil pressure, coolant temp and seat belt; the
fourth is unused, I believe.

> Which button am I supposed to push?  Can't find any reference in the
> owners manual as to the almost flush button on the far right; what does
> it do?  All help greatly appreciated.

I've tried pushing this thing too. No idea what it does. I'm guessing
it may be there just because they use the same intrument cluster
housing for both cars...

1993 90CS 64k mi.