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re: license plate mounting

Phile writes:

>My '91 200q appears to have a virginal front bumper cover, and I need to
>install the Audi license-plate bracket. There are two tiny dimples in the
>bumper cover to indicate positions for the mounting screws--two sheet metal
>screws. Do I need to drill a pilot hole for these? Or is there a threaded
>retainer within the bumper cover?

If I had to install a front plate on my car (a '90 200T), I sure wouldn't
do it *on* the front of the bumper...

First, I'd mount it as low down as I could without losing it on curbs.
Don't want to make it too easy for the REOs.

Second, I'd use a couple of angle brackets screwed to the *underside* of
the bumper. You can drill there without crying as you do it...the plate
itself can be in front of the bumper...but the mounts themselves would
extend from underneath.

I *think* I got some sort of bracket with the car when I bought it (used),
but since I have a green lettered plate I only need to run a single plate.
(Stupid State of Taxachusetts had a 2 plate law...then dropped the
front...then changed their mind. If you were issued a single plate, with
green letters, you were grandfathered...till you changed plates. I'll have
these forever!)

Anyone else ever try an underneath license plate mount on the front bumper?
Just a thought...