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Re: M-B Theme Park?

>To start a long and useless thread, what sort of things would we find at an
>Audi theme park?

Hmmmm.  Let's see...

For starters:

Under powered engines, even with a turbo.
Blown bombs.
Leaky vacuum tubing.
Cracked induction system hoses.
Easily warped rotors.
Faulty grounds everywhere.
Poor solder joints in instrument clusters.
Burnt out ignition switches.
Worn out alternator brushes.
Fixed interval wipers.
Inoperative switches on the foot pedals.
Weak fuel pumps and relays.
Totally crappy lighting.
Weak hinged doors as part of the HVAC system.
Cracked exhaust manifolds.
Broken manifold bolts.
Exorbitantly priced parts.

Granted, this is merely a starting point for the negatives.  

Also you find a stylish automobile which seems not to go out of style.
Great fit and finish.
A galvanized body which doesn't rust nearly as badly as most 'Murican cars do.
Easily upgraded power output (on the turbo engines).
Excellent handling.
Inexpensive used prices (thanks to "unintended acceleration").
A fun ride in comfort.
A car that not everybody drives.  Or even recognizes for that matter.
Ownership provides a nice hobby in auto maintenance and repair.

All in all, I'd say the positives outweigh the negatives.  :-)

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