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RE: Torsen bites Performance Car

OH GOD, Oh God, Oh god, oh god, ohhhhhh...

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> From: 	Matt & Jenai[SMTP:matjen@xsite.net]
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> Sent: 	Monday, April 20, 1998 10:45 AM
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> Subject: 	Torsen bites Performance Car
> As one who has been bitten, I offer the February 1998 Performance Car
> (p.
> 50) as another possible reporting of the torsen bite.  In a comparison
> between a fwd A6 and an A6q for 0-30mph acceleration on simulated ice
> the
> article says  "By contrast, the quattro dragged itself up to 30 mph
> with
> ease.  There were some unusual sensations as the drivetrain juggled
> the
> torque, favouring the front and rear wheels in turn..."
> It seems to me that if this happens in a straight line, there is no
> reason
> it couldn't happen during a turn thereby causing US, OS, and US.  I
> think
> Scott was claiming that lower cf really brings out the bite.  I'll
> leave it
> to the more technically inclined to explain the cause/physics.
> Matt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW