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RE: Radar question

There is also a 'dual beam' radar where one beam points down at
the road to determine the 'patrol' speed and another beam to determine
the 'target' speed. The 'target' speed is computed and displayed directly.
This system does not rely on the vehicle speedo and is unaffected by
tahr size, etc. "Gotcha!"


Sachelle Babbar wrote:
> Can a police  officer   travelling in the opposite direction as me getme
> with an    accurate   speed    on  his radar?  It  happened  to me this
> weekend,alongwith  an arrest for   afailure to   appear. They didn't
> read   me   my rights, though.
> Audi content: What  generally    causes  clutch packs  on slushboxes  to
> weld together?  I mean, what   kind of  direct  situations,  not that  I'm
> running 2.0 bar.
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	There exists out there radar connected to the patrol vehicle's
speedometer.  The electronics take this into effect when the radar puts
the beam on you.  So the answer to your question is: "yes, it can be
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