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S4 vs. M3, rallye racing magazin 11/97 (long)

In message <l0302090ab161646278d9@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk wrote:

>>> And drivers of these cars can pride themselves in being able to out-brake
>>> Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari.

>> Huh?

> Apparently, both the M3's and the S4's brakes are more efficient than those
> on Herr Schumacher's Ferrari. However they came to such a conclusion is
> beyond me.

Herr Schumacher is driving a glorified Go-Kart with almost no weight.

Both the M3 and the S4 have three extra seats, and very possibly
air conditioning.  There's more weight - therefore you need better
brakes, and it wouldn't surprise me to find braking force greater
on them.  Greater overall power, perhaps greater efficiency - but
no way could an M3 or S4 "outbrake" and F1 car without a large
concrete block and a chain.

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