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RE: driving light mounting on 5KTQ?

At 04:10 PM 4/20/98 -0400, Paul  Luevano wrote:
>	I'm running the Hella XL's on top of the bumper (same case as the Hella
>550's, I believe).

Ditto. I too have the Hella XL's on the top of the bumper (see pix of my
car via my sig below). I recommend NOT using their molly-mounting system.
They did not hold tight enough.... and... well, let me just say "it didn't
work". I ended up using toggle bolts (available at Home Depot). They worked

With the XL's (and most aftermarket lights I assume), I had to drill some
large holes through the bumper/bumper cover though. But it was that... or
keep driving blindly down the road with the OEM lights (if you can call
them that!!).

Good luck.

      Jim Griffin