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Re: SOLO II Tire ?

Fluhr writes:
> Ti Kan wrote:
> >Yes, the 1985-87 U.S. FWD 4000s changed to 4x108.

> Are you sure about that?  I think perhaps the '85 (and maybe '86?) FWD
> 4000 used a 4x100mm Ronal 16-spoke, and then went to 108mm in '86/'87.
> The reason I wonder:  when I pulled my rear disc axle at the junkyard,
> I tried to put a Ronal wheel from an '85-'87 (integrated bumpers) FWD
> 4000 onto the axle to roll it out of the yard.  The wheel did not fit,
> so I thought the Audi 90 axle had a bolt pattern larger than 108mm.
> I had the notion that some 4000s used a 4x100mm Ronal wheel, though
> so I tried the spare tire from my CGT and it worked.  Lesson:  at least
> one '85-'87 FWD 4000 used a 4x100mm 16-spoke wheel.

I think the FWD 4KS switchover to 4x108 occurred as a running production
change for the 85 model year.  The early 85 cars had 4x100.

> Audi doesn't do _anything_ simple.

Audi is hardly the worst example of this sort of thing.  Japanese
car manufacturers are even more notorious for changing things in
mid-production, and due to frequent model changes things get even more

It's actually pretty amazing how much stuff actually *do* fit between
different model years (and different models) of VWs and Audis.

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