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Re: Cracked EM

Hello.  I wouldn't suggest welding the manifold.  I tried that on my 5000
and it only worked for about three months.  I even baked for quite a while
to make sure it would hold up.  Wrong!  Now I have to get back in there and
do it all over again.
Good Luck,

86 5000cs wife's car
86 4000csq my car
91 gti 16v Autocross car

Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:

> Hi List!
> It seems that if you own an old Audi, you simply _have_ to face some
> typical problems. Yesterday while crawling under the car I discovered
> that my exhaust manifold is cracked right at the #4 flange. So, I need
> some advice on possible repair methods.
> 1) Has anyone had good effects with welding? I've heard that the old
> style 5KT manifold is prone to warp by design and it will crack again
> even if welded and machined. True/not true?
> 2) I, therefore, consider finding a used two-piece manifold (I cannot
> afford a new one. I cannot, period). I understand that the two-piece
> unit doesn't warp and therefore buying a used one is fairly safe. Good
> idea/bad idea? Which Audi models was the two-piece unit fitted to? Would
> a manifold from a 200T20V/S2/S4 fit my 5K? Could someone please pass the
> p/n for the correct manifold to me?
> 3) Fortunately, I don't see any broken studs (yet ;-) ). If all studs
> are intact, can I leave them in place or should I better renew them?
> 4) What do I risk if I drive the car in this condition? I can't hear any
> exhaust noise from the manifold.
> Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
> Aleksander Mierzwa
> Warsaw, Poland
> mailto:alex@matrix.com.pl
> 87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
> 88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
> 91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)