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Re: Can't get service manual for A4

>>Note: Anyone who plans to autocross their A4 at anything other local events
>>-- i.e., SCCA National Tour, Pro Solo, Divisonals and/or the Nationals -- is
>>required to present a copy of the factory service manual at Tech Inspection.
>>No manual, no tech sticker ... period.  :^(
>Not planning on autocrossing anything more than locally, but this brings
>about some interest.  Are there any other cars that require this?

*ALL* entrants are required to produce a copy of the current year SCCA Solo
II rulebook as well as a copy of the official factory service manual for the
car they're driving ... no exceptions.  That said, even this may not be
enough to keep you out of trouble in the event you're protested ... that's
why I was careful to track down the documentation necessary to prove my '85
Ur-Q WAS delivered with 8x15 wheels or that my '81 4k COULD have been
delivered from the factory with 6x14 wheels instead of the 5.5x13s even
though it wasn't...

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