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'92 100 interior colors needed

I am interested in what interior colors the '92 100/S4 came in. My leather
interior was damaged back in October by a vandal, and I was given money by
my insurance company to replace the front seats with a set of used ones.
Unfortunately, my car has a rare interior color, travertine (dark tan, code
HD), and I have yet to find a used pair to replace them in this color. I
definitely need to replace them, because they are pretty scuffed up. My
insurance company is in the process of recovering the money they had to pay
for the repairs from the juvenile, and this involves a hearing/trial that I
will be involved in. They need receipts for the work done for the hearings,
and I'm worried that if I do not do something about replacing the seats,
they will want the $ allotted for the seats back. I see my only option left
as an entire interior swap, so I am interested in what interior colors the
'92 100/S4 was offered in. TIA.

'92 100S (71k)