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1998 SCCA Hillclimb Sched.

For those interested, here is a quick list of events for the Pennsylvania
Hillclimb Assoc. SCCA Solo 1 Series. 
May 16-17 Pagoda Hillclimb (REading Pa)
May 30th Summit Point Raceway/ jefferson course  (WV)
June 13-14 Spring Weatherly (Weatherly Pa)
July 11-12 Giants Despair (Wilkes Barre, Pa)
July 25-26 Rose Valley (somewhere above Williamsport Pa)
August 23-24 Duryea Hillclimb (Reading Pa)
Sept 12-13 Fall Weatherly
Sept 26-27 Summit Point/jefferson course
oct 23-24 New Hampshire Int. Speedway

a few dates, such as the summit races are tentative. check back with me
before the event, to make sure it will be on. 
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