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Re: 90cs wheels & tahrs.

Matt Barr wrote:

>  the vehicle.  Currently has the stock 15" rims and Kelly Charger 195/65
>  R-15's. I would like to replace them with 16x7.5" Borbet type M's and
>  Yokohama AVS-I 205/45 ZR-16's.  Can do?  In the archives, there is a
>  reference to 205 & 7.5" being the max as far as width you can put on a
>  1993-95 90 without messing with the offset.  Is that correct
>  information?

You'll want 205/*55* 16s, not 45, to maintain the correct diameter. You'd
need 17s to get into the 40-series, something you probably don't want to
try if you live in the northeast (you'll be making a coffee table out
of the wheels if you do...)

I've got 16x7.5" wheels with 205s, and that combo _just_ fits, so I'd say
that's about the max without changing the offeset. Tire Rack and Discount
refused to sell me anything wider...

1993 90CS 64k mi