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Re: AP 6 Pot Brakes

Frank Amoroso wrote:

> I've had JFZ XL 150 4 piston aluminum calipers on a 914 w/ 911 S struts and
> 911 Carrera rotors. Calipers were extremely light, pistons were all 1.5" in
> diameter (even available in titanium), a single large cotter pin was used to
> hold in the huge pads (of the carbon kevlar variety), no dust boots. Light,
> flexible (bad), and not too great for the street (thanks to the pad
> retention system (noisy).
> Conversely the Big Reds for the S4 are a street caliper (don't think they
> have dust boots either though? Do fixed calipers have these?), albeit mucho
> grande. They also have the slickest pad retention system I've seen,
> staggered piston diameter, are still lightweight (although they seem much
> more substantial from a flex standpoint). They are not on yet but within the
> next two weeks!!
> Which makes for a great segue to my question about brake pads. I wanted to
> find the same pads for my S4 hybrid application Big Red calipers front,
> stock brakes rear? What's the word on different compounds front & rear? I
> was searching for the same pagids front & rear but I have been thwarted to
> date. Andersen Bro's only has Pagids for the stock fronts.
> I've been able to find similar f & r pads from Rofren as well as Hawk. Any
> BTDTs with these brands? Questions, comments, suggestions? Thanks.
> Frank--
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> Subject: Re: AP 6 Pot Brakes
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> >I've heard that AP's calipers are not so hot for street use.  The problem
> >is that they have little resistence to normal street grim and are designed
> >to be frequently rebuilt... An expensive proposition for everyday use.  A
> >lot of people seem to use Porsche's big red calipers, which, presumably,
> >are designed for street use.
> >
> >I do agree, however, that the AP's are gourgeous, and I would love to have
> >a pair on my car...
> >
> >Chris.
> >'90 CQ

Big Reds?   You mean the big Porsche Brembos used on the 930's?
Which kit is this????

So far I have only located 3 Kits to retrofit S4's.
1. Audi-Hoppen Kit, a huge 2 Pot 4pc. pad as used on the S6+.
2. AP 6 Pot Kit.
3. KVR 4 Pot AP kit.
Anybody know of any others?
Stillen makes a kit for A4's but I do not think it works on an S4
I would prefer Brembo Calipers. When I put them on my Mercedes 190 2.3 16V
it made a huge-huge difference in feel and stopping difference.

Any Brembo kits out there for S4's???????
Paul Rivera
Audi Family.