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Re: SOLO II Tire ?

Autobahn01 <Autobahn01@aol.com> wrote:
> I've always heard/seen that the change to 108mm was a running change in '86,
> coinciding with a "heavy duty" brake option on the front drivers. By '87, I
> believe all the 4000s came through with 108mm. Anybody have an '85 FWD with
> 108's? They're easy to spot without breaking out the micrometers, just pop off
> a centrecap and check the prefix on the part number of your wheel. An 811 is a
> 4x100 and an 853 is a 4x108.

I was about to suggest that any "running changes" occurred in '85 and not 
'86, but then I realized we're talking about 4ks', and not Coupe GT's.  
Coupe GT's are a "sporty" model, so they prolly always had the 108 

I wrote "Coupe _GT's_", not "Coupes", BTW.

Ken (how about them 5+5's? hehe)