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Re: Ur-q Fuse box help (putting a in-line fuse for fuel pump)

   last night I opened up the fuse box to have a look at removing the the fuel
   pump fuse socket.  It seems that the fuel pump fuse socket is internal in the
   fuse block.  I guess I have to take the block apart to get at the wiring.
   When I do this should I also take the relay out of the box?  All the wiring
   seems to be ok showing no signs of melted insulation so I think my prob. is
   just with the fuse holder.  Did all of you  people with experience with this
   prob. find the same thing.  I guess as the spring loaded fuse holder gets old
   and maybe a bit corroded the resistance goes up and startes to melt the fuse
   and holder.  I have to tell the truth that electrics and me do not get along.
   I was amazed by the number of wires under the fuse block but I guess if I am
   carefull to mark every thing it should not be all that hard to get everything
   back to its proper place.  Any BTDT wopuld begreatly appreciated.

On the "original" ("early") UrQ (e.g., my '83), the fuel pump fuse is
not in the fuse block, but rather in an "auxilliary" fuse block hanging
off the top of the fuse block.

See http://www.tiac.net/users/rdh/http/Urq/aqfuse.gif for location de-
tails -- this reflects the original (and grossly inadequate) 15-fuse

See http://www.tiac.net/users/rdh/http/Urq for other electrical (and
related) info.