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RE: S4 vs. M3, rallye racing magazin 11/97 (long)

In a message dated 4/20/98 "Lewis, Gary M" <Gary.Lewis@West.Boeing.com>

<< Or an anchor.  While I absolutely agree with Phil, I remember
reading in a car mag about comparisons between a bunch of cars.  The
three notable cars were (97 models, I think) Porsche Turbo, Ferrari 355
Berlinetta, and Dodge Viper GTS.  The mag was really high on the Viper's
performance, with one very notable exception: braking.  All the other
cars had ABS.  They all stopped from 60 or 100 mph in like 120 feet.
The non-abs Viper stopped in like 170 feet(Hence my earlier thread about
ABS on the 'ole 5 speed).  The F1 doesn't have ABS.  I wonder how much
better the F1 would perform with ABS? >>

In reality I would guess that pretty much any F1 driver's foot is far better
at threshold braking than a computer with rotational sensors...surely Mikey's
shoe must be. The "driver's aid" that helped the most was traction control
(hello awd???) for faster exiting the corners. Braking even without ABS
evolved to the point that there were no ways to pass in F1, hence the narrower
grooved tires and the even more amazing result...competitive passing under
race conditions on the track and not just in the pit lane! I would think
weight bias was more key than ABS in the test cited.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq