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RE: S4 vs. M3, rallye racing magazin 11/97 (long)

	On Tuesday, April 21, 1998 10:45 AM, Mike said;

	<<In a message dated 4/20/98 "Lewis, Gary M"

> <<< Or an anchor.  While I absolutely agree with Phil, I remember
> reading in a car mag about comparisons between a bunch of cars.  The
> three notable cars were (97 models, I think) Porsche Turbo, Ferrari
> 355
> Berlinetta, and Dodge Viper GTS.  The mag was really high on the
> Viper's
> performance, with one very notable exception: braking.  All the other
> cars had ABS.  They all stopped from 60 or 100 mph in like 120 feet.
> The non-abs Viper stopped in like 170 feet(Hence my earlier thread
> about
> ABS on the 'ole 5 speed).  The F1 doesn't have ABS.  I wonder how much
> better the F1 would perform with ABS? >>>
	<In reality I would guess that pretty much any F1 driver's foot
is far better
	<at threshold braking than a computer with rotational
sensors...surely <Mikey's
	<shoe must be. 

I don't know.  I think the ABS on the wife's Honda squeezes the calipers
like 30 times per second (I can't remember the exact number - someone
help out - what is the cycle per second on an Audi?).  That sounds like
alot more than anyone's foot can press down in a second.  Anybody got
better info (as opposed to my subjecture((Phil??)))?

	<I would think weight bias was more key than ABS in the test

Actually, no.  THE big decider was ABS.  All ABS equiped cars stopped
well into the competitive range of the Porsche and Ferrari, including a
Corvette and a Mitsu vr4 (which weighs a bunch).  The Viper was WAY out
of bed in the braking department.  I got the article at home.  If I can
find it and anyone is interested, I'll post or send results therein.

Gary M. Lewis
1986 5000   CS Turbo 5 Speed   194,000 miles (and counting...)