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Re: Buying 86-up turbo questions

Sachelle Babbar wrote:

> I am planning very soon to buy an 86 and up fwd 5000/200 turbo 5spd. I
> have question on a few things and what to look for.
> 1. How do I tell if the turbo afterrun coolant pump is shot?
> 2. How do I tell if the abs is not working properly? (symptoms of
> different failing components)

ABS off light will turn on when there is an ABS problem. Frequently, bad wheel
bearings will do this too. There weren't many problems with this ABS system as I can
remember and the parts are out there used.

> 3 .                     clutch is bad?

All clutches are the same, if it's slipping, it's bad.

> 4. How do I tell if the transmission is no good?

Ouija board?

> On 86-90 mc's is starting off from a stop a slip or spin thing. I mean do
> they have a good amt. of low end torque? I have a kh with more bottom end
> than an mc, so I just wanted to know. Can a kh be bolted up to an 86 and
> up manual tranny. Just for reference...

The KH can be bolted in, but I do not see the advantage. I had an 87 5ktq for a
number of years (all stock equipment) and I had no complaints about low end power.
In fact now I long for it.

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