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Car rental in UK (quattro content in spirit only)

Hi q-heads,

God (and grandparents) willing, my wife and I will ditch our little darling girls (of ages 2 and 3) for a week and a half of holidays this summer.  We have been hoping to travel in the UK for a few years, but for some (read: no speedlimits) reason we keep heading through Germany every time.  This time we thought we'd go for the drive in the UK.  The question we are now facing is whether to go by ferry/road/ferry with either the quattro or the Carrera, or take the easy way out and fly and rent wheels.  Herein lise the problem...

I will not ruin my bi-annual holiday of two weeks by having to drive some econobox, so what may my options be?  I know performance cars are rented in the UK, but at what cost?  I'll slip my Nomex on for the next idea - I thought it be kind of fun to rent a Lotus Elise for a trip like this (and travel light), as I most certainly could never be convinced to buy one.

How much of a hassle is driving with LHD in the UK?  Both cars are begging for at least one good outing this summer, this may be my only chance.  The other limitation to the drive/sail/drive is time, as we'd be spending the first and last two days of our trip in transit.

Sorry for the wasted BW, maybe some of our UK residents can give me pointers - or refer me to a super cheap place to rent a Sport quattro for two weeks ;^)

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
97 A4 1.8T quattro Abt 240hp
89 Carrera 3.2 Coupe 25th Anniv.