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Re: Buying 86-up turbo questions

Steve wrote:

>1. How do I tell if the turbo afterrun coolant pump is shot?
>On 86-90 mc's is starting off from a stop a slip or spin thing. I mean do
>they have a good amt. of low end torque?

As for #1, there should be a two-wire temperature sensor that's
attached to the upper radiator hose connector on the block.  The
terminals should have rubber shrouds, and on mine they are horizontal
and point toward the firewall.  Short them together and the rad. fan
should run on speed #1 and the coolant pump should go.  It's quiet so
you might have to (carefully) put your hand on it and/or the hose to feel it
working.  If nothing happens at all, you might have a bad relay/control
unit.  The previous owner of my car just took it out and tossed it,
probably when he got the price from the dealer.

_Be Careful_!  The Turbo Afterrun Burned And Scalded Clueless
Owner's (TABASCO) list has been growing recently!  The plastic fittings
are _fragile_!  My dad just managed to fix his leaking pump with a
generous helping of epoxy, but I don't expect it to last very long.  

As far as low-end torque is concerned, it won't strain your neck
muscles but I'm able to launch my '86 5KCSTQ from stoplights in second
gear with only a tiny bit of clutch slip.  

Best Wishes,