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re: Hesitation when AC kicks in on 86 4kq

Leah Mueller <muellerl@cadvision.com> wrote:
> There was a couple of comments recently on 88 90 air kicking in and
> dropping rpm. I didn't catch whether this was fixable or not.  The weather
> warmed up here enough to try air.  As I go along at highway speeds I feel
> the occasional hesitation as the AC recycles itself or turns on and off at
> compressor.  Is this something to live with or something that can be fixed?
> David  

Mine does the same, tho' I don't notice it that bad "at speed".  The local 
A/C guy said the compressors sap power big time.  One expensive option is 
to replace the (I'm drawing a blank for some reason as to the name, but I 
do normally know it) stock compressor with a Sanden type/brand unit, which 
saps less power, is more efficient, and is physically lighter.  This would 
require having custom brackets made and such.  Not really an option for me 
unless (until?) the compressor takes a poopie (PG rated, no?).

For it's cost, the answer is prolly that it's something to live with.  Is 
there another option, list?  Like a bolt on replacement/upgrade from 
another car?