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Manual on Microfiche

I received this message from Scott about 2 weeks ago:

I called them and it looks like they only carry the repair manual in
micro-fiche for a few models. Apparently they are eventually switching
over to CD ROM but this is not yet available.

She said these micro-fiche manuals are still available
The 1984-88 5000TQ uses the W42-558-001 F,
The 1989-91 100/200 uses the W42-558-002 F, 

They said they still have the fiche for the 73-79 Fox and 78-83 5000TQ.

Which specific Quattro car are you looking for?
Scott Mo.
1989 200TQ

I would like to thank him and share the info with anyone who might need 

Fiche is here. $25 + shipping. Readers (with printer) are available at 
local library!

87 5CSTQ - 113,000
A great car, a great hobby!