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RE: Buying 86-up turbo questions

Why would you want to put a KH in as opposed to an MC??? KH may somehow
have more bottom end (how???) but MC is 2226cc vs. KH 2144- 140 hp vs 162-
seems the MC is the obvious choice. 
Otherwise, the 5kcst 5speed has proved more than satisfactory for my needs
in the last 3 years. I chose it over the q for two simple reasons:
Traction is not much of a concern here in the desert-
and CV joints just don't like me. I've owned 6 cars, and the Audi is
the best in this respect. I put 5 axles in a POS Chrysler once. At time of
purchase, I was still wincing at the idea that a Q has 8 CVs. Yes, I have
driven a 5ktq. Very impressive. I just thought I'd choose something
(marginally) simpler. Since then,. the list has shown me that halfshafts
are the least of your worries in a type 44 ;)
For the list: Is there even such a beast as a 5spd 200t (US mkt?) I don't
remember one without the q option. 
And (somewhat) related: Why not a 5ktq Steve? Seems to me (IMHO) the tq is
*more* readily available than a 5kt 5spd. I just happened to find a
*flawless* example of the FWD model when all the q's looked shabby- this
was the deciding factor in my search...
1987 5000 Turbo 181,000 miles