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Re: Car rental in UK (little quattro content)

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >Sorry for the wasted BW, maybe some of our UK residents can give me
> >pointers - or refer me to a super cheap place to rent a Sport quattro for
> >two weeks ;^)
> Dunno about the UK, but here in the US at several major airports and
> cities, there are very exclusive, private rental agencies.  They have
> unlisted phone numbers and aquire new customers by word of mouth only; they
> rent top of the line luxury cruisers like BMW 9 series, Mercedes whatevers
> :), and "exotic" sports cars(maybe even a viper or two.)  Heck, maybe even
> Audi A8's and stuff; maybe some places have an S8 or S6...
> Speaking of weird cars to rent, there are some weird limos around Boston
> lately...keep your eye out for Black Volvo S70/S90 sedans and V70/V90
> wagons  in gorgeous shape with a cell phone antenna and a set of livery
> plates...quite unusual, in the face of the most popular LV
> vehicles...things like Continentals and the like...but apparently they're
> doing quite well.  Every time I drive into Boston or anywhere near Logan, I
> see them...
> BTW, speaking of Lotus cars...some computer trivia.  The reason SGI named
> an entire line of systems Indigos and made them that same color...is
> because the president owns one sweet looking Lotus painted that exact
> color.  Take an SGI "Purple Box"(as they are affectionately known) and plop
> it down next to his car; perfect match.
> Brett
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> Brett Dikeman
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Hi Brett-

I don't think I've talked to you before, but I know who owns the Volvos
you see in the Boston area.  I read recently in Automotive Fleet
Magazine that Volvo Cars USA just landed its biggest fleet deal ever. 
The company is a executive transportation outfit in Boston.  They are a
limo service for high-ranking execs of companies that don't have their
own limos.  I'll find out who it is and let you know.  I just happen to
be in the auto fleet field.  I work for an auction company that
specializes in selling fleet cars to the public.

Take care-

Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA