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No Subject specified

In message <852565EE.0045D262.00@isserv9.idx.com> Sean_Ford@idx.com writes:

>> From: Brandy@undernetcover.net
>> Subject: I have a secret to tell you
>> Click now, and I'll tell you personally. You
>> will not be disappointed, I promise.
>> Hugs & Wet kisses.
>> Brandy

> OH, COME ON!! This is getting out of hand.
> Sean Ford

The only person who can do anything about these is Dan, since only he
has access to the original headers and/or envelope.  I strongly
suspect he _does_ take action, but doesn't notify the list on each
occasion to save bandwidth.

Ultimately, I suspect _I_ might be to blame for some of these, by
posting the main list URL on the alt.autos.audi newsgroup.  I will
refrain for a while, and see if they stop.

 Phil Payne
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