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Re: testing for alcohol in gas

>Gary...I would consider altering the protocol by adding enough gasoline to
bring the total volume of fluid to the 11/10's level. That way, any
_increase_ in the volume of the colored water would directly translate into
percentage points of alcohol. Also, I would specify vigorous agitation for
about 30 seconds, to give all the dissolved alcohol a chance to enter into
solution with the water.
>At 01:38 AM 4/22/98 EDT, you wrote:
>>I happened to be going through one of my old notebooks and came
>>across a formula given to me by the county weights and measures
>>guy back when I was having some problems with local gasoline
>>It's pretty simple and doesn't require much in the way of lab
>>equipment or chemicals --you can make your own or get the rest
>>at a drugstore.
>>"Fill a graduated container with colored water or glycerin to
>>the 1/10th level, then fill with the gasoline to be tested to
>>the 10/10ths level (full).  The water or glycerin and any alcohol
>>will mix, and the increase in its volume will indicate the
>>percentage of alcohol in the fuel."
>>Therefore, if the colored liquid rose to the 2/10ths level,
>>methyl or ethyl content would be aproximately ten percent.
>>OK, OK, do the real math.
>>Mark off a skinny bottle (go ahead, eat the last six olives) with
>>ten tablespoons (or forty teaspoons for better resolution) of
>>water to calibrate.  Water and food coloring works pretty well
>>for the test liquid.
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