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RE: quattro-digest V4 #2107

In the UK, the 4000 body shape is known as 80 and 90.  Up until 1984,
there were only Audi 80s (I'm ignoring the 100/200 known as the 5000 to
you).  In late 1984, Audi decided that 4 cylinder models would be called
80s and 5 cylinder models would be called 90s.

2144cc 80 quattros were available in the UK in 1983/84.  I have a
September 1984 Audi 80 quattro, which is 5 cylinder (136hp/100kW).  A
month later, Audi gave this series of body shape a cosmetic facelift
(front grills and lights, rear light cluster, dash).  The equivalent of
my 80 quattro was then sold as a 90 quattro, and Audi introduced some
(underpowered) 1.8litre 4 cylinder 112hp 80 quattros.

The 80 and 90q models are of course no longer available.  You now get an
A4 with a variety of power packs except (for some reason no one can
understand) the 1.8T in quattro form is not available in the UK.
Bugger!!!  I would love to buy one of these once it had done about 100k
miles and was about 10 years old.


1984 80q (just turned 150k miles)
1989 Avant

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> Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 00:23:57 -0400
> From: chawk@juno.com (j g shepard)
> Subject: Differences between 80 and 90 quattros
> Can any listers tell me the differences between the 80 quattro and the
> 90
> quattro sedans? What years were they sold in the US? Is one larger
> than
> the other? Were they only offered in 5 cylinder conguration? Any
> preferences as to which one is better? 
> Thanks
> Justin
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