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Re: Brazilian Audis

> I did see some interesting models there.  The Ford Ka which is a
> hatchback that looks to be smaller than the old Festiva (I'd like to
> see this thing in a crash).  The VW Microbus was still offered as a
> current model (at least the interior looked somewhat updated).  There
> was also a sub-Golf sized VW called the Polo.  Ok, I'm sure the
> euro-listers are getting annoyed because the Ka and the Polo are
> probably as common as Honda Civics here in the states, and here I'm
> treating them as such a curiosity.

Hey, here in South Africa the VW Microbus is still being made and is a
very popular bus indeed. Comes with up to a 2.6 litre I5 (Audi). Still
looks good.

The Golf MkI was revamped in the mid-80s, it was given a 2-tone paint
job and called the CitiGolf. That was a genius marketing ploy! The
guy who came up with it is still around and has created the BMW
Pavilion, a local BMW showcase. The CitiGolf was further refined over
the years, it is now called the CitiGolf Chico and is fully colour
coded and has a slightly changed interior. The GTi is now called the CTi
and is quite a beautiful car with its mags and large-bumper bodystyling.
There are no plans to stop the production of the CitiGolf/Chico/CTi.
In fact, I'm thinking of getting one as a backup runner in the future
when I have money. I'm looking for 1993 1600 5-speed with 4 headlamps
and black bumpers with a white body 'cos for some reason that specific
model appeals to me, but I can never find one when I'm looking for
them but only see them when I'm broke (and they're never for sale!)!
They the ones that are typically company runabouts no-nonsense cars.
Actually, the Golf MkI has an interesting life here in South Africa.
Perhaps I should scan some picks of it and put them on the net
sometime if anyone is interested in what they look like. Oh yes,
new versions of the CitiGolf, known as the Deco, comes in RS2 blue! :)
Then there's the CitiGolf Blues with its seat cloth having musical
notes as patterns. :) Very interesting...

As for the Polo, we only got it in sedan form, not hatchback, even
though the hatchback looks better. It too is proving popular for VW. :)

Nuff sed. Rambling too much again. :)

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