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Re: Buying 86 + turbo questions

It's stuff like that that I'd rather do without. I'd rather not do a
driveshaft or anyhting like that. Even for $75. The main thing is the
clutch. If there's ever a clutch problem, some mechanics have said that
labor is crazy on it (as well as trans trouble) becuase of the quattro.
I'd mainly want more of a spirited car without the extra weight of the
quattro gear. The non quattro fits my criteria.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
*'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar                    <SBABBAR@IRIS.NYIT.EDU>
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On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Dave Aukerman wrote:

> Sachelle (Steve) said:
> <I've been pricing parts for the quattro system and am really turned
> <off by a lot of the things I see and the problems, as well.
> Huh?
> The quattro system is one of the most bulletproof drivetrains out there. 
> Of the two Q's in our family the only part that have needed replaced in the
> drivline was a bearing near the rear diff located on the driveshaft (I'm
> sure there is a name for this) instead of buying the part seperatly, I
> bought the entire driveshaft from a boneyard for ~75.  One of the Q's (
> 100Q) has 112K+, the other (a tqw, with toys) closing in on 150K miles. 
> This verses the PITA problems we have had with the auto cars (trans, diff,
> govener, etc.)  If you start pricing parts for an Audi period you will
> never again think of buying another. 
>  As for the mh v. mc motors. . . all I can say is. . .I don't see alot of
> people running out looking for an mh motor to swap into the 4kq or for that
> matter into anything.  Got a buddy looking to do a swap into his 4kq and I
> couldn't GIVE him the motor out of our 85 5kt parts car.  Instead he wants
> the one out of our 87 minus head and is willing (begging) to pay cash.
> mmmmmm.
> Happy hunting,
> Dave