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Re: Brakes, brakes, and yes, more brakes...

> The Big Reds specifically came on the '95 - '97 Twin Turbos as well as
> Namely:
 They were first introduced on the 94 3.6l 911 Turbo. 

> These beuties are bright red and for extroverts only. The 911 tt could be
> ordered with black Brembos, but this is for the more timid among us. The
> Turbo S came w/ yellow Brembos and I belive these were actually bigger
> the big reds (not sure though).

 Nope, the "yellows" are the same caliper, just...well.....yellow. :-) 

> This is absolutely the case. I've tried S4, S6, and BBS Pininfarina three
> piecer wheels they do not clear. Luckily on the S4 the stock wheel offset
> already 40 mm and with the right wheels (TSW Hock Rs) this fits the
> nicely.

 I am going to have to disagree here. The rotor is the limiting factor for
the wheels needed. If I can fit a 276mm rotor with G60's inside a 15in
wheel, why couldn't I fit thew same 276mm rotor with a "Big Red" inside a
15in wheel? Don't get me wrong, I KNOW from experience that this set-up
will not work, but I still maintain that the rotor is the limiting factor,
not the caliper. 

> Actually, I think the RS2 used 968 club sport brakes. Dave??

Correct. Also used on 928 S4 and 944 Turbo S.


> FYI Kinesis Motorsport makes a dead on accurate replica of the 3 piece
> Carrera Cup wheel. Beautiful and extremely strong (Robert Wood recommends
> highly). Absolutley gorgeous. $625 per!! ARRgghhhh, I don't think so, I'd
> rather take the $1,560 difference and go on a vacation.

 RH Wheels also make a dead ringer for the 3 piece Speedlines that came on
the 3.6 911 Turbo. I bet if you put them next to each other, you wouldn't
be able to tell the difference. However, they are over $400 each (17x8.5)
and they look a little out of place on the Audi's IMHO. There is an S4
running around Denver that has them. 

> Oh I don't know BRIGHT RED kind of does the trick for me. The Brembos are
> pretty light too.

 Anything is light after you feel a G60! :-) 

> I have it on authority that the Big Reds will kill TAPs AP setup. Only
> problem is you can't get the Brembos to fit on the A4. 
> >

"Can't"?!?!?! I'd say that someone isn't trying hard enough. :-)

 Laters, Ben
 Denver, CO
 83' UrQ (only going to be sporting lowly 928 brakes) :-( 
 87 4KCSQ (We won't even talk about it's brakes)
 89' 200Q (Scary to think that G60's are an UPGRADE for some cars!)