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quattro-digest V4 #2107

In message <B0000009777@w12wcxi03.wc.bbc.co.uk> Paul Heneghan writes:

> 2144cc 80 quattros were available in the UK in 1983/84.  I have a
> September 1984 Audi 80 quattro, which is 5 cylinder (136hp/100kW).  A
> month later, Audi gave this series of body shape a cosmetic facelift
> (front grills and lights, rear light cluster, dash).  The equivalent of
> my 80 quattro was then sold as a 90 quattro, and Audi introduced some
> (underpowered) 1.8litre 4 cylinder 112hp 80 quattros.

Which they called the "Audi 80 Sport" ...

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