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RE: Strut Brace fab/ was RR 4KQ coil overs (and sway bar bushings)

    If anyone is interested, I am going to me fabricationg a hollow tube
aluminum front strut brace for my 4kq.  I will be testing on May 24th at
the Bremerton Track Event over here in the PNW.  IF It turns out that I
like the results, I would be willing to make more for list members.  Not
sure on cost but after parts and time, I think I will be a little over
$100 for the unit.  Not sure which design to use though.  I could do a
unit similar to the Sparco brace which I think is similar to the Jamex
Brace.  Or I could do one like the Neuspeed VW unit which y's into two
bars about 1.5 feet in from the center on each side.  The latter seems
stiffer to me but maybe harder to install right.  Also, what about
puting a y in it to connect to the firewall.  Seems like that would be a
good idea as well to further tie it together.
    Any ideas as to which couse of action I should take.  I may make up
both designs and see which one works better if I can get both done by
the track event.   L8R
    Todd Phenneger

> Got the HW from 2Bennett: 916.758.7325 I spoke with Andrew.
> They were most helpful and took the time to answer my many questions.
> coil-over kit with 600Lb F and 500Lb R springs  $450
> Jamex F strut brace $195
> Delren F control arm bushings $200 set
> Prolly could have found this stuff a bit cheaper, but these guys know
and race
> Audis. I'd rather get the benefit of their experience and send the
> their way than try to save a few bucks on the price.

Sounds like I've found the place for my strut bar.  Now I just have to
convince myself I really need it right now.

Todd Phenneger

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock,
the stream always wins...
not through strength, but through persistance."