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RE: Buying 86 + turbo questions

Rarity does not always translate to desirability or high prices. There are plenty
of very rare cars out there that cannot be sold at any (low) price or sell for peanuts
because no one wants them. Rarity together with high demand translates to 
high prices. Very often there is a reason for that rarity, like no one wanted them 
in the first place!


	>Buying a non-quattro is akin to buying only half an Audi!


	>Resale vale is also far better on q Vs non-q.

	This is currently true.  It would appear from current research
(none is factory derived, just word of mouth stuff) however, the turbo 5
speed non-q MAY be more rare than a Ur-Q (I assume the Ur-q was sent to
the US under homologation rules? 500yr minimum - please correct me if
wrong).  I think the 5kcstQ is more desirable resale.  If you find
someone who wants a clean 5kcst 5speed, however, the car may one day
command a higher price than a similar year/condition Q.  I've never seen
another one, know of only 3 (including mine) on the list, and my
mechanic says he's only seen 4 his whole life.

	I'm slowly slipping on the Nomex...

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