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RE: Audi CGT Convertible

I drove a Cadillac Allante for several years.  One of the very early 1987  
ones.... luckily all of the bugs had been worked out by the time I bought it.  
(An exceptional car considering its heritage!)  Automobile had a full review of 
the prototype in 1986 (identical in every way to mine).  They said (I'm 
paraphrasing here) "It's a good car, but at $55,000 it's out of its class. 
Image if Audi took their wonderful Turbo Quattro Coupe and transformed it into 
a two-seat tourer... THAT would be well worth the high price of admission."  
Having never driven a UrQ at that point, I didn't fully understand the 

Now, however, I agree completely and think that Audi missed a golden 
opportunity! I think the convertible that Audi finally came up with is 
absolutely beautiful in its own right, but is completely underwhelming 
(apologies to any owners).    

Now, how about an A4 1.8TQ convert? Without a mandatory slushbox?

Bill Elliott 
Lake Mills, WI
85 UrQ, 900T convertible (missing 4 rings, but has a turbo and a clutch)