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Dead Starter - '95 90CS

	Took my '95 90CS to independent Porsche/Audi/BMS/Mercedes dealer to
look at starter which intermittantly failed to engage bendix to flywheel
(to use an old term) while doing oil change to Mobil 1.  Recently
purchased the car used and second purpose of visit was to "make right"
anything that was wrong with the car when purchased.  This was one of
those items. Could not come to terms as to who would pay for cost of
removal of starter; opted to wait for "the boss" to return from out of
town.  Told nothing was done to starter.  Next day car started but
sounded "different".  At lunch today, nothing; no clicking, no spinning,
no nothing when attempting to start car.  Accessories work therefore it
is not the battery.  What do I look for when I look under car to
investigate "foul play."  Want to give benefit of the doubt, but the
doubt is getting pretty big.  Some coincidence.
'95 90CS
'90 100
'86 4kcsq