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Re: Differences between 80 and 90 quattros

For 1992, only the 80 series was available.  Came in the normal 80, and the
80q.  Exterior was identical to the 90's (body coloured bumpers).  ABS came as
standard equippment finally.  In 1993, the 90 returned with the CoupeQ front
fenders (flared), drop-down hood (ala V8, actually from the S2), longer body
(trunk), and some interior changes (climate control & radio from 100 series?).
Was known as the B4, where as the previous CQ/90/80 was a B3.  The Cabrio was
the only remanent of the B3 line (in the US, Europe still had the S2 'til
'94?).  BTW, the 1992 100 was a 200 series that had new F/R fenders, deck
lids, and bumpers.  Otherwise, they _look_ the same in the doors and
"greenhouse" sections.  Oh, also had a lack luster 2.8L V6.  The '92 S4 had
*thigh* adjustments for the front seats!

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ:  morphing _very_ slowly into a beast
'87 5ks q:  just sittin' in the garage lookin' pretty