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Re: Cracked EM 2-piece, RS2, etc.

Great! So this 2-piece EM is available from the agents only, right?
If so, then "ouch, eek, yeow and aaarghhh, too!!!" as far a cost
goes! :) What is the best price for this thing? Uhm...take that
price, multiply by 3 and then that is what I'll be paying locally! :)

As for part numbers, I assume they're the same in all countries, yes?
Also, I saw too late that someone had already put up the part numbers
before I posted the question.

As for port matching, would it be a good idea to die grind the turbo
exhaust inlet to the EM outlets? I suppose this could be done when
volume porting the head and manifolds. Or am I talking bull??!??

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