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Re: Torsen differences

no, the part numbers are different, and the illustrations in the fiche of the
parts also indicate major differences.  btw, the page is 409-92 in the rs2

with regards to the spring, in the fiche this is described as a "pressure
spring", and it looks to load the rear side gear.  it's not clear, but it looks
to be of less diameter than the rear spline, which is confusing but, it looks
to be there to apply some loading to the rear side gear.

the torsen, as a unit, shouldn't need locating as you suggest, as amount of
axial float which a spring of this size would allow would clearly affect the
operation of the needle rollers on the front shaft (parts #016 409 767 and the
sleeve 016 311 328).  this spring is also absent from the ur-q installation.

either way, the unit is different, but, as you say, the unit is not "exploded"
in the fiche to its component parts and so is a single fru.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Dave E writes:
>>different from that in the rs2 (based on the 6-speed box). 
>>ur-q part: 016 409 751 a
>>rs2 part:  01e 409 751
>>noticable differences:
>>rs2 has a large helical spring between the rear shaft and the rear side gear
>>(presumably to provide side loading to this gear).  the unit has the same
>>number of invex gears (3 x 2), but is noticably shorter than the 016 torsen. 
>>the arrangement of shims/washers and bearings is also different between the
>>units, with different part numbers as well.
>>a torsen is a torsen is a torsen?  well, no.
>This doesn't tell you much, are you sure you are looking at the Torsen, not
>the front differential?  I have the same microfiches, and it lists the Torsen
>as a component.  That component is NOT seviceable (per Audi) and costs about
>1600USD.  The spring and shims listed are to locate the shaft and the torsen
>IN the transmission, the bearings, some are the same, and are based on shaft
>size and location, NOT operation.  You will find many similar parts in the
>locker.  This has NOTHING to do with torsen OPERATION, only location.  Further
>investigation shows the following applications:
>*  01A 409 751D  90sq/cq
>*  01A 409 751  100Q
>*  01A 409 751D  100Q
>*  01A 409 751A  200TQ
>*  016 409 751A  V8
>What does this mean?  Not sure anything.  My own thinking is that it is a
>transmission difference only, and/or a chassis reference (in case they made
>later changes).  However, the fact that your Urq part number is the same as
>the v8, makes me think that the differences are NOT in BR, braking, helix
>gears, shims, gears or wheelbase (my original suspicion).  
>So, until we KNOW otherwise, let's KISS, and keep a torsen a torsen on the
>audis.  The microfiche, audi, bentley or published documentation doesn't show
>anything otherwise at this point in time.  Assuming it to be different based
>on part number alone or by looking at the fiche picture, just doesn't let you
>draw any conclusions.  
>Scott Justusson
>No torsens, so no bites