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Radiator Coming Out

Well, once again I have a project going and am stalled.  Last night, 
I noticed the passenger side plastic cap on our 1990 200's radiator 
was leaking....enough to require immediate attention.  Im pretty sure 
I can get the end cap replaced or re-sealed once I get the unit out.

So tonight, I went to pull the radiator.  THAT is a pretty good 
trick!  As is all too frequent, the Bentley has not one word or 
picture to help.  What a puzzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the shroud out OK....and the radiator is loose - BUT - the AC 
condener is still attached to the front of it, and on the driver's 
side at the bottom, there's a bracket.  Running through this bracket 
is what must be an AC coolant line.  I cracked the nut, thinking it 
was something else...but when it hissed at me, I quickly tightened it 
again, hoping that I hadn't dumped enough freon to require 

However, I'm not sure I have any option but to break the connection 
and dump the freon charge in order to get the radiator out....because 
of that damn bracket it passes through, and because the condenser 
appears to be mounted to the radiator in such a way that it can't be 
separated without removing both.

My problems/questions:

1)  Is there any way to separate the AC condenser mounted on the 
radiator's front from that radiator, or must I remove both?

#2 follows from #1 - 

2)  If I can separate the two, can I also pull the radiator without 
breaking the AC line connection?

3)  Do I have to take that AC connection apart ANYway?????

I think I know the answers - (no) (no) and (yes), but I want to hear 
from someone who has BTDT before I proceed and spend the $100 for a 
freon recharge.  It seems insane to require the air conditioning 
line be disconnected in order to remove a radiator, but Audi is 
entirely capable of requiring it.  I'ave already had to take the 
hydraulic pump off its bracket and move it out of the way as far as I 
can without removing its hoses.

General PITA.  Replies are appreciated, friends.  Gotta get this done 
Thursday night.
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