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big hairy PITA (ignition switch)

Had to laugh when I first read this thread.  Just got done with this
project on a fimly members car. . .except we said screw that (dropping the
column).  Rather we dropped back into the parts cats. and picked up a
universal ingintion switch.  Key points to remember. . .universal switch
cost ~20, universal is made of metal rather than Audi's POS
plastic(morons).  At first we thought of going racer style and mounting a
toggle switch connected to a push button start (Ahh, too much work).  Side
benifit to universal switch. . .if you take the Audi key out of the
ignition you can leave car running and unlocked due to the steering wheel
lock.  Yeah, go ahead and steal my car. . .better be driving in a damn
perfect straight line. :)