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RE: Radiator Coming Out

	On Wednesday, April 22, 1998 1:38 PM, Al said,

	>I got the shroud out OK....and the radiator is loose - BUT -
the AC 
	>condener is still attached to the front of it, and on the
	>side at the bottom, there's a bracket.  Running through this
	>is what must be an AC coolant line.  

I just did this this weekend.  I have an 86, but I don't think they are
that different.  There are 2 bolts on the bottom of the car.  One
actually holds the radiator in (13mm) and one for a fan shroud (10mm).
Get under the car and remove these.

	>However, I'm not sure I have any option but to break the
	>and dump the freon charge in order to get the radiator
	>of that damn bracket it passes through, and because the
	>appears to be mounted to the radiator in such a way that it
can't be 
	>separated without removing both.

> My problems/questions:
> 1)  Is there any way to separate the AC condenser mounted on the 
> radiator's front from that radiator, or must I remove both?
S/B a some brackets connecting the condensor to radiator.  Mine were
right on top.  No need to remove the condensor.  

> #2 follows from #1 - 
	>2)  If I can separate the two, can I also pull the radiator
	>breaking the AC line connection?

I did.  Was a snap.
	>3)  Do I have to take that AC connection apart ANYway?????

	>I'ave already had to take the 
	>hydraulic pump off its bracket and move it out of the way as
far as I 
	>can without removing its hoses.

Good move.  Helps alot.

	See if you can get help from some 89 owners.


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