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Re: Cracked em stuff

At 12:21 PM 4/22/98 EDT, you wrote:

>     I also checked around for other exhaust manifolds.  At the moment there
>do not seem to be any uncracked used (one piece or two piece) manifolds in the
>system.  New stock one or two piece will be about $800 (Linda at Carlsen,
>etc.), aftermarket (Dialynx from TAP) would be about $800.  Don't have a phone
># for Hoppen so couldn't check with them.  If anyone knows of other places I
>should check for aftermarket manifolds, let me know.  (I'm aware of Intended
>Acceleration, but was only looking for something near stock not high

Ned Ritchie only - Hoppen don't do 10Vs...
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