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Re: Exhaust manifold

Aleksander, a bit of clarifying info:
the mc (gen 1) was used only in late 85 (at least in the US) It had 8.3-1
compression and 2,144 cc's. It was like the kh, but with the watercooled
The second gen mc was the 7.8-1 compression version.
The third was the 8.4 with the k24 turbo.
I can't speak for the 85 mc, but the kh will not fit an mc 2
configuration. I observed this when checking out an 86 turbo. The location
of the turbo, wastegate, and downpipe shape/length may make it not work.
You might have to get a kh downpipe along with it. I can't testify
anything for the 85 mc. The manifolds will physically fit the heads-they
are all interchangable, but the ancillaries might not. Why do you want

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On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Aleksander Mierzwa wrote:

> Hello List,
> A quick question: would an exhaust manifold from KH or MC-2 engine fit
> my MC-1 engine?
> Aleksander Mierzwa
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