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RE: fuel filter replacement

I like to put the date and mileage with black magic marker on things like oil and fool filters when I replace 'em.


Phil Rose wrote:
<(1) Does the dealer really have a clue if the original filter is still
I'd say no about any original part; best they can do is look at the service
records and see if the owner did most of the service at the dealer; then see
if they changed it.  Don't think there's a date (although there is a
production date on the factory air filter).  My last fuel filter was a bosch
made in Spain, replacing the original one made in germany.  Looks identical

Actually, I'd bet almost all audis haven't had their fuel filters changed
until: 1) an enthusiest bought one used and did a basic tune-up, or 2) they
ran into a problem that pointed at a clogged filter (bad fuel pump,
intermittant hesitation, liner peeling away inside the fuel tank, etc.)


(2) How often _should_ the fuel filter be replaced; what are the
symptoms/problems caused by an overdue fuel filter? Will it cause obviously
poor running when in need of replacement, or are there more insidious
I'd say replacement is basic maintenance, and recommend once per year.  One
batch of water contaminated gas can require replacement; as the cars get
older, more "gunk" can build up in the base of the tank, and get disloged by
fuel injector cleaner (techron, etc.), or by running the tank low; and filters
are somewhere around $10 to $15 US.  On the 4000/coupes, the filter is
above/inside the left rear wheel and the fittings can get quite rusty; without
regular changes, it could require replacement of fuel line fittings and the
mount due to rust and corrosion.  On the '91 200q, it's protected under the
hood on the top right rear of the engine compartment, and a very simple job to
replace.  I suppose if it was really clogged up by silt it could burn up the
fuel pump and cause loss of power at full throttle due to restriction...  but
you'd probably have filter break through before then, clogging injectors, fuel
distributers or rails, etc........ Why risk it, just change it every so many
oil changes, or after the "oxygenated winter fuel" season, if you have one.

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q